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Wohner Flexible Copper Busbar Plain Insulated 1244A Model# 01509

Wohner Flexible Copper Busbar Plain Insulated 1244A Model# 01509

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Model#  01509
flexible copper busbar, plain, insulated
10x 50 x 1
1244 Ampere , length 2 m


Advantages of the product

The laminated Cu busbars considerably reduce the effort of connecting busbars. The bending devices required for solid copper busbars are unnecessary. The 2mm-thick insulation means that no additional covering is required.

Details IEC
IEC 61439-1:2011
GB/T 7251.1
Electrical data IEC
Rated current (IEC): 1244 A
short-circuit withstandability: see product description of the used busbar support

power dissipation of the article:

The power dissipation at a typical load of 80 % results to 83.5 W.

(The power dissipation at full load would be 130.4 W.)

capacity depending on the permitted temperature rise of flexible copper busbar without impact of additional heat sources:

current at 30 K

914 A
current at 40 K: 1089 A

current at 50 K

1244 A
current at 60 K: 1383 A
current at 70 K: 1510 A
notice the temperature stability of the insulation of 105 °C
take conductors with required cross-section for connection to the products and devices (acc. to relevant standards or manufacturer instructions)
Details UL
UL 758
UL 67
for UL feeder circuits >250V

considering the permitted temperature rise at the concrete installation conditions the following capacity could be accepted by UL (file E197039

capacity at 50 K: 1375 A
capacity at 65 K: 1585 A
Mechanical data
L x W x D: 2000 x 54 x 14
weight: 932 kg/100
cross-section: 500 mm²
Material properties
Insulation: temperature withstand up to 105 °C
self-extinguishing, V0 according to UL 94
breakdown voltage 20 kV
stretching 370 %

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